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our eggs are grown locally in the hudson valley

 no antibiotics, no hormones, no byproducts 

100% veg fed. find our more about our eggs. You will taste the difference!




“Pan con todo” 5.00

eggs, beans, cheese, cream served on a baked  long roll


Egg and Cheese on a roll   2.5

 egg (2) & cheese on our house roll 


Americano 4.5

Bacon/Ham/Sausage/Veggie Bacon Egg and Cheese   


Sandwich de Antigua 8.95

Carne Asada , Eggs, cheese, and peppers on our house roll





we locally source organic goods as seasonally available. its the peaceful revolution

Small Plates 


Platano Frito   4.5

 plantain sliced and fried served with beans and cream

Enchilada Guatemalteca   4.95

a tostada with lettuce, mayo, chicken & potatoes, cabbage and beet salad, onion, sauce,queso seco 

available vegetarian 

All our tortillas are hand made Guatemalan style and are 

Gluten Free


Huevos Rancheros  9.5

2 Fried eggs with grilled tomato & onion, refried beans, crema & queso fresco

Tostadas  9.95   

2 crunchy tostadas topped with refried bean, eggs, crema, queso fresco, crema, avocado, tomato & radish

El Chapin   7.5

  2 eggs any style, fresh cheese, crema served with 2 tortillas or a freshly baked long roll

Breakfast Tacos 8.5

eggs, beans, queso fresco and cream on 3 handmade tortillas

El Peten   9.95

 2 eggs scrambled with fresh tomato and onions, cream, fresh cheese and fried plantain

Chilaquiles   9.95    

Homemade tortilla chips, topped with house salsa, 2 eggs, avocado , queso fresco & cilantro

El Progresso   11.95

2 eggs any style, cream, queso fresco, chorizo sausage, served with tortillas 

The Garden 11.95

2 eggs any style, mixed vegetables, avocado, plantain, beet-cabbage mix & refried black beans

Veggie Tofu Scramble 10.95

Grilled tomato, onion green bell pepper scrambled with Tofu , sweet plantains & refried beans , 2 tortillas 

Tecum Uman 12.95

grilled steak, 2 eggs, beans, queso fresco, cream, and 3 tortillas 


add bacon/ham/sausage patty 1.5 

chorizo 2 

avocado 1.75
 1/2 plantain 2.5


Tacos  9.5         

  your choice of 3 tacos served with onion ,cilantro ,house sauce and a lime . 



sautéed mixed vegetables

veggie beef-less crumbles 

vegetarian chicken* 

additional toppings  cheese +1 , avocado +1.5, rice & beans +1


 Pupusas 7.5 

 3 stuffed corn cakes served with side of coleslaw and sauce


cheese w/ Loroco( edible flower bud)

beans w/cheese 


Peace Burger 8.95

black bean veggie burger w/ lettuce tomato onion w/ fries

Chicken sandwich 9.99

marinated grilled Chicken breast w/ lettuce tomato onion w/ fries

CheeseBurger 11.70

grass fed w/classic topping & french or sweet potato fries 




 6 vegetarian chic nuggets with french fries or sweet potato fries   6.00


one taco 3.00

veggie, chicken, or beef  


Pupusa of your choice     3.00 

cheese, bean, bean w/ cheese, cheese w/ loroco or mixed 


Papas fritas o batata      3.00

               french fries or sweet potato fries



  organic fruit juice    1.75            organic chocolate milk     2.5




Café      s  1.55    m  1.65        lg  2.25 

hot tea       s 2.00     m  2.25        lg  2.50

Cafe con leche 2.25

Espresso  sinlge 1.75  double 2.25

Latte / Capuccino 3.25

Mochaccino  3.85

Matcha Green Tea Latte 3.50


 Iced Coffee/ iced tea

  s  1.85      m  2.35     lg  2.75 


Guatemalan Sampler Platter 10.50

1 taco & 1 Pupusa of your choice, 2 garnachas on greens with cabbage/ carrot slaw


Vegetales Mixtos     9.50

A plate of grilled local vegetables ;broccoli , kale, tomato, onion and carrot served with rice and beans


Grilled Chicken     11.95      

Chicken breast grilled to perfection topped with house sauce served with rice , black beans 2 tortillas 


                        Garnachas 9.25    (veg option available)  

 4 fried mini tortillas served with ground beef or Vegetarian  topped with our house sauce & queso seco cheese served on a bed of lettuce w/ cabbage/carrot slaw


 Carne Asada      11.95      

A filet of grilled beef served with rice, beans, & 2 tortillas

Burritos 9.95

Classic- meat or vegetables , rice , whole beans, lettuce & tomato

Antigua-  Steak, Eggs, cheese &bell peppers  8.95

Kingston - Chicken, avocado, kale , rice & crema

Peace- farm eggs,humus,organic mixed greens,avocado & tomato




Most dishes can be made VEGETARIAN or VEGAN !!!


rice & beans 4.00 

rice   2.50

 black beans  2.50 

avocado 1.50

french/ sweet potato fries   3.00 

bacon/ ham/ sausage patty 1.50

chorizo 2.00

cheese or cream  .75

extra egg 1.00

Refrescos house drinks 


  Horchata ( morro, peanuts, cacao , cinamon, rice) 

Tamarindo  ( tangy & sweet)

Hibiscus sweet or unsweetened

s  2.00     m  2.50     lg  3.00


Homemade lemonade 

s  2.25     m  2.75     lg  3.75

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

s 3.25 m 4.50 lg  5



 water or whole milk, almond +.75 c







peanut butter

protein +.75 c


s  3.00    m  4.00    lg  5.00

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